Do you need an incredible value for your vacation money? Do you want to minimize packing and unpacking while visiting multiple destinations?

Then going on a cruise might be the right thing for you. 

However, before going on your first cruise, you might be a little skeptical or confused. 

We’ve got your back, and we’ll share nine excellent cruise tips to enjoy the best trip of your life. 

Arrive A Day Early

Since most cruise ships depart by noon or in the afternoon, lots of people think that arriving on the same day of departure would be fine. Just think how a 2-hour flight delay can ruin all your plans, so arrive one day ahead instead. It will also be a chance to explore the departure city. 

Pack a Change of Clothes In Your Carry-On

Once you arrive at the cruise ship, porters will handle your luggage. They’ll probably deliver it to your room later that day. Nevertheless, this also means that you’ll have no access to your clothes for almost the entire afternoon. Instead, keep a change of clothes and your swimsuit in your carry-on to enjoy your first day to the maximum. 

Ask About What You Can Bring

In most cases, you can bring your own drinks to the cruise ship. Not only will it save you a lot of cash, but you’ll also enjoy your favorite drinks if you have a specific taste. Just make sure to ask ahead. 

Research the Ports

Do some research before going on your cruise and get to know the ports you’re visiting. Without some research, you might miss out on some incredible activities. 

Get to Know the Ship

You’ll probably receive a map or a brochure of what you can find on the ship. But don’t just stop there and go on a self-guided tour or ask if one can be arranged for you. This way, you’ll get to know the hidden gems on the ship, the activities you might take part in, and the best spots to relax and dine. 

Study the Room Options

Before booking your accommodation, go through all the room options to see what works for you and your group. Check connected rooms or suites for families or look for a more private option if you’re traveling with your significant other. 

You should also see what every room includes. For example, should you bring a foldable shoe rack? Do they provide a first-aid kit? Don’t hesitate to ask if the information isn’t clearly stated. 

Skip the Buffet

The ship’s buffet is interesting, but it can be super jammed, especially on the first day. However, there are other dining options on the ship that you can give a try. A table-served café or restaurant will also offer delicious food. 

Book a Private Tour

Your cruise will definitely offer the option to book a shore excursion before or after getting on board. But you can also book one directly from the port, and you might have more options and more affordable prices. You can also book an intimate tour that suits your small group instead of being with other travelers from the ship. 

Sign Up in Advance

Some cruise lines will ask you to sign up for shows, activities, and even meals in advance. This guarantees that you’ll always have a spot, and you might get it for a good price. Remember that there are hundreds or even thousands of other passengers who might be interested in the same activities.