9 Amazing Cruise Tips

Do you need an incredible value for your vacation money? Do you want to minimize packing and unpacking while visiting multiple destinations?

Then going on a cruise might be the right thing for you. 

However, before going on your first cruise, you might be a little skeptical or confused. 

We’ve got your back, and we’ll share nine excellent cruise tips to enjoy the best trip of your life. 

Arrive A Day Early

Since most cruise ships depart by noon or in the afternoon, lots of people think that arriving on the same day of departure would be fine. Just think how a 2-hour flight delay can ruin all your plans, so arrive one day ahead instead. It will also be a chance to explore the departure city. 

Pack a Change of Clothes In Your Carry-On

Once you arrive at the cruise ship, porters will handle your luggage. They’ll probably deliver it to your room later that day. Nevertheless, this also means that you’ll have no access to your clothes for almost the entire afternoon. Instead, keep a change of clothes and your swimsuit in your carry-on to enjoy your first day to the maximum. 

Ask About What You Can Bring

In most cases, you can bring your own drinks to the cruise ship. Not only will it save you a lot of cash, but you’ll also enjoy your favorite drinks if you have a specific taste. Just make sure to ask ahead. 

Research the Ports

Do some research before going on your cruise and get to know the ports you’re visiting. Without some research, you might miss out on some incredible activities. 

Get to Know the Ship

You’ll probably receive a map or a brochure of what you can find on the ship. But don’t just stop there and go on a self-guided tour or ask if one can be arranged for you. This way, you’ll get to know the hidden gems on the ship, the activities you might take part in, and the best spots to relax and dine. 

Study the Room Options

Before booking your accommodation, go through all the room options to see what works for you and your group. Check connected rooms or suites for families or look for a more private option if you’re traveling with your significant other. 

You should also see what every room includes. For example, should you bring a foldable shoe rack? Do they provide a first-aid kit? Don’t hesitate to ask if the information isn’t clearly stated. 

Skip the Buffet

The ship’s buffet is interesting, but it can be super jammed, especially on the first day. However, there are other dining options on the ship that you can give a try. A table-served café or restaurant will also offer delicious food. 

Book a Private Tour

Your cruise will definitely offer the option to book a shore excursion before or after getting on board. But you can also book one directly from the port, and you might have more options and more affordable prices. You can also book an intimate tour that suits your small group instead of being with other travelers from the ship. 

Sign Up in Advance

Some cruise lines will ask you to sign up for shows, activities, and even meals in advance. This guarantees that you’ll always have a spot, and you might get it for a good price. Remember that there are hundreds or even thousands of other passengers who might be interested in the same activities. …

Places to Visit in Nevada

Nevada has some amazing places to visit

Even though Nevada doesn’t get much snow, winter in Nevada can be a magical season. Nevada has many unique activities to offer during winter, despite the lack of snow or warmer temperatures. There are many amazing things and places to visit that are even more special in the winter months. These amazing spots are a great way to explore our state in winter.

In these uncertain times, remember safety and add destinations to your bucket-list to be visited later.

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Las Vegas

1. Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge is a beautiful state park throughout the year. It’s particularly magical in winter when the snow-covered cliffs make it seem even more spectacular. It is a stunning sight to see the park’s unique landscape covered in snow. It is possible for temperatures to drop below freezing in the park if you go during winter. You can read the full article here.

2. Participate in a snow sculpture festival.

Nevada is home of many unique winter festivals. The White Pine Fire and Ice Show, which is held in Ely Nevada, is a popular festival. Every year, the festival hosts dozens of snow sculptures. You can find a complete listing of Nevada’s winter festivals in our article.

3. Enjoy snow tubing at Lee Canyon

Nevada, contrary to popular belief is a great place to enjoy snowy recreational activities. Las Vegas Ski and Snow Resort has a huge snow tubing hill. Snow tubing is a great winter activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. You’ll have fun sliding down the snow-covered hill, no matter your age. You can read our entire article for more details.

4. This town transforms into a winter wonderland each year.

Nevada is full of small towns that transform into winter wonderlands every year when they are covered in snow. Genoa is a beautiful winter destination that everyone should visit. The historic town is located at the Sierra Nevada Mountains’ base and looks stunning in winter. You can read our entire article for more details.

5. Enjoy a beautiful winter hike.

Hiking is not just for summer. There is no better way to see Nevada’s winter beauty than taking a scenic hike through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. You shouldn’t be afraid of the cold. You just need to add layers and bring a thermos. Nevada has many winter trails that are ideal for hiking. You can find a complete list here of winter hiking trails.

6. Relax in natural hot springs

It’s a wonderful activity to visit one of Nevada’s natural hot springs throughout the year. Winter is the best time to visit one. It’s perfect for heating you up in winter when the temperatures drop. Nevada is home to many natural hot springs that are accessible easily. You can find a complete listing of hot springs in our article.

7. Ice skate in the middle the desert.

That’s right. Nevada is largely made up of desert but that doesn’t stop Nevadans from enjoying the classic winter sport of ice skating. The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is nationally ranked among the best ice skating rinks. This amazing skating rink is open until the end of the season. Make sure to light some marshmallows on one of the nearby firepits. You can read the full article here.

What winter activities have you tried so far? What other winter activities would you recommend? Nevada winters can be quite magical. These 11 Things Nobody Tells You About How To Survive A Winter in Nevada

Nevada may be deserted, but it is a wonderful winter getaway destination. We think it’s the ideal winter getaway destination, even for those who don’t like a white Christmas. There are many options for those who live in the area and wish to see snow. Diamond Peak is a great place to spend the winter. The views from the top are breathtaking and it’s a skier’s dream. You can also head to Lee Canyon, which is not far from Vegas, and ski more if Diamond Peak isn’t enough. You also have the option of winter hiking, with over 900 trails available, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to escape the cold. We love winter hikes so much, that we created this list of Nevada’s best winter hikes. Don’t forget the hot springs, too! Hot springs! They aren’t just for Wyoming!

Nevada is home to more than 300 hot springs. Nevada is the hot springs capital in the United States. It even beats Yellowstone. Many, including Soldier Meadows Springs Springs, Gold Strike and Fish Lake Valley, Black Rock and Fish Lake Valley, are located on public lands. Others have resorts or retreats built around them, such as Carson Hot Springs Resort. There are so many to choose from that it could take you years to see them all. Although we recommend you go for it, that may not be the case. Some springs are too hot to be soaked in. Springs such as Diana’s Punch Bowl near Pott’s Ranch can reach temperatures up to 200°F. To ensure that you are safe, research any spring before you visit.…

How to Save on Private Jet Traveling

Traveling by Private Jet

It was difficult to fly on a private plane until recently unless you had one, paid for membership, or knew someone who could reserve one for you. Ah, yes. Private jet charters used to be a privilege reserved for the wealthy, famous, and elite. But that is no longer the case.

Private air travel is available to anyone, regardless of their status. Businesspeople and frequent travelers are choosing to fly private rather than paying for first-class on commercial airlines. These are five ways to save money when chartering a private jet.

What is the cost of flying private?

Although chartering a private aircraft can still cost you a few thousand dollars to $12,000, the costs are not nearly as high as they were in the past.

As of late, jet charter companies have been offering more last-minute and discounted deals. You might be surprised to learn that prices can drop to half the cost of business-class tickets if you know where to look.

Although discounts and deals are important in making private flights more affordable for the general public, there are other factors that can also play a part in closing this gap. Clients can view, book, and schedule flights through apps and websites which makes it easier to make bookings.

Private jet companies are now operating on more flexible terms due to the increasing competition in the market. You can now book single seats or an empty flight on private jets at a fraction of the cost.

Compare the prices of private jet charter companies.

When booking commercial airline seats, you compare prices. Chartering private jets is no different. Even after visiting dozens of websites, sometimes the price range is still a bit high.

These are just a few tips to help you save money chartering private jets.

Look for empty leg flights.

When a client books a jet only for a single-way trip, it means that there are no passengers returning to the base. This is called empty legs or backhaul flight. Operators will often offer empty legs at a huge discount to ensure that the plane does not return empty.

It is common to have empty legs between cities that are frequently visited. It shouldn’t take long to find a backhaul flight that is at least 50% cheaper if you fly between Los Angeles, Miami, or New York.

However, empty-leg flights may not be for everyone. These deals often come up last-minute so you need to be flexible with your schedule.

To share the cost of a private jet charter, find a group that will join you.

Chartering a jet means that you will pay for the whole plane, regardless of how many passengers it holds. You can share the flight with others who are heading in the same direction if there are still empty seats.

It would be more expensive per head to fly with only two or three people, so consider flying with a group of people and splitting the costs. Although there will be less privacy, think about the savings you’ll make!

Opt for a private charter with no frills.

Flying private is about luxury, comfort and extras. If you are looking to save a few thousand on your private jet charter, the “no frills” option might be right for you.

You might be asking yourself, “Is it possible?”

Many jet charter companies offer no-frills options to their clients. You may be able to survive without champagne or in-flight food if you are confident you will be able to pay a lower charter rate.

Charter a smaller plane?

It is said that bigger is better. Private flights are not the most cost-efficient, however.

You might consider a smaller aircraft if you are looking to cut down on the cost of your private jet charter. This is especially true if you live just an hour away from your destination. The same comfort, convenience, and travel time but at a lower price!

Chartering a private plane is the best way of traveling.

It is a good idea to arrive at least three hours before departure. This is one of the most important rules in air travel. This rule doesn’t apply if you charter a private plane. Your plane will still be waiting for you even if your arrival is a little late.

Private jets are the most convenient and efficient way to travel to your destination. Think about it. No crowded terminals, no waiting in line and, most importantly, no delayed flights. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?…

Things to Consider When Traveling to Uganda



In Uganda, terror is a serious threat. Two explosions took place in Kampala’s central business district on 16 November 2021. There were many injuries and deaths as a result. We recommend that you avoid any non-essential travel to Kampala.

Violent protests against the government can quickly occur, and there is still the possibility of tension or politically motivated incidents in Uganda after January 2021’s elections.

Due to the risk of terrorist attacks, Uganda has strengthened security measures in public places. Travelers should expect body, luggage, and car checks. Follow official advice and take warnings very seriously.

Gorilla trekking is a dangerous activity that can lead to armed attack. You should not go on gorilla trekking tours that cross into the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Both petty crime and violent crimes can occur. Always remain alert. Avoid walking in dark areas at night or in isolated areas.

The security situation in neighboring DRC is unstable and volatile. You could be kidnapped or even involved in violence. Seek professional security advice if you are traveling near the border.


COVID-19 is still a concern in Uganda.

In Uganda, many medications are not readily available or in short supply. Make sure you have enough legal medicine to last your trip.

In June 2019, the first Ebola cases were reported in Western Uganda. Good hygiene is key to protecting yourself from the disease. Ebola has been confirmed in the eastern DRC, bordering Uganda.

Malaria and yellow fever are both common. Other insect-borne illnesses can also occur. You should make sure that your accommodation is pest-proof. Use insect repellent.

HIV/AIDS is a serious risk. Reduce your exposure to HIV/AIDS by taking steps.

Outside Kampala, there are not many medical facilities. You will be evacuated to Kenya if you are seriously ill or injures. This is something you should make sure your insurance covers.

Local laws

For possession, trafficking or use of illegal drugs, there are severe penalties. You could face heavy fines and a lengthy jail sentence if you are convicted.

For serious crimes, the death penalty and corporal punishment can be applied.

It is illegal to have same-sex, take photos of buildings or areas, and wear camouflage or military clothing.


You must show proof of a negative COVID-19 or PCR test when entering or leaving Uganda. This must be done within 72 hours from the time of arrival or departure.

All travelers, including children, are required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival. This is at their expense and costs USD30 at Entebbe. Register your details online for Uganda before you arrive.

Everyone six years old and older must wear an approved face mask when they go out in public. You will be isolated from the public if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Follow the advice of local officials and monitor the Ugandan Ministry of Health for the latest developments.

To enter or leave Uganda, you may require a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Accessing money may be difficult. It is not common to accept traveler’s checks, credit cards or debit cards.

Drinking Water

Uganda has both open water and swampland. However, it is not drinkable. Poor management and high demand have led to a shortage of clean groundwater. Facilities are under strain in cities and towns, and many wells and springs are used up by rural communities.

According to our sources at Grade A Plumbing, a leading plumbing company in PA, water from water treatment plants in large cities such as Kampala is safe to drink. You can visit them at https://gradeaplumbinginc.com. The problem is that water can get contaminated along the route to the tap from leakages, storage tanks, and pipes. It is crucial to remove all pathogens from tap water.

Contacts in the local area

The Consular Services Charter outlines what the Australian Government can do and cannot do to assist you overseas.

The Australian Consulate in Kampala is able to provide limited consular assistance.

The Australian High Commission in Kenya can provide full consular assistance.

Be aware that consular services might be restricted in some areas if you travel during this period.


Uganda has improved security measures in public places.

This applies to borders as well as international airports.

Avoid non-essential travel to Kampala. Terrorist attacks in recent times have caused many deaths and injuries, including:

  • 16 November 2021, when two explosions occurred in the central business district near Parliament.
  • 25 October 2021, when an explosion took place on a bus traveling on the Kampala–Masaka highway.
  • 23 October 2021, when an explosion took place in a Kampala restaurant.

Traveling to Kampala, particularly, requires body, car, and luggage inspections.

Terrorist attacks could be directed at:

  • Tourist areas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as markets, shopping centres, marketplaces and other venues.
  • Schools, places of worship and outdoor events.
  • Airports, bus terminals and public transport, as well as government buildings, are all available.

Protect yourself against terrorist attacks

  • Consider the security of the venues you are visiting
  • Be alert in crowds and keep an eye on local media
  • Pay attention to your personal safety
  • Follow instructions and take warnings seriously

Police should be notified of any suspicious activities or items.

If you are safe, evacuate the area affected by a terrorist attack.

Guide to Germany’s Most Beautiful Parks

It’s common knowledge that Germans are very proud of their country. Travelers to Germany will find it difficult not to be impressed by the natural beauty of the German parks. The parks are usually home to a variety of wildlife, making them an excellent destination for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts alike. You might even spot one or two highland cows grazing on the hillsides! We’ve compiled a list of five beautiful parks in Germany you can visit if you’re looking for something off-the-beaten-path!

Jasmund National Park – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

The Jasmund National Park is located on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. Travelers who want to visit this park will have to take a ferry from Stralsund or Sassnitz, with ferries departing every half hour during peak season. If you’re looking for an active vacation complete with walking trails, beaches and marshlands, then look no further! Travelers can also check out Königsstuhl which towers high above visitors at 173 meters tall! 

Cologne Zoological Garden – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

As one of Europe’s most visited zoos, Cologne Zoo offers all sorts of fun activities including feeding giraffes and going on a safari through the African Savannah! Travelers with children will enjoy walking along one of two giant waterparks as well as taking in an animal show. 

Berchtesgaden National Park – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

In southeast Bavaria, you’ll find Europe’s second smallest national park: Berchtesgaden National Park. This beautiful area covers only 12 km² but is still worth a visit if travelers are looking for things to do outside of Munich or Salzburg. Walk around the Königssee Lake, take a hike up Hochschwarzeck Mountain or even try your luck at ice climbing! 

Lake Constance – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

Located on the border of Switzerland, Germany and Austria is Europe’s third largest lake: Lake Constance. Travelers can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including cycling or even cruising around on one of two boats! 

Arnsberg Forest – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

The Arnsberg Forest is located in Central Westphalia between Dortmund and Kassel. This park features hiking trails that are perfect for families as well as horseback riding paths through meadows with an abundance of wildflowers! Travelers might also spot some incredible wildlife like deer, jays, foxes and more! 

Bavarian Forest National Park – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

The Bavarian Forest National Park is located in southeast Bavaria. Travelers will find plenty of activities here including fishing, biking and even surfing! Travelers can also take a walk through the forest to see nature at its best with wildflowers like bluebells, crocuses and more! 

This blog post has been written by Erika Taylor on behalf of German Tourism Board (GTB). GTB specializes in marketing for tourism destinations throughout all 16 states in Germany. Visit our website at germany-travelguide.com/blog where you’ll find content about things to do, places to stay and much more when visiting Germany.

Eifel National Park – Travel To The Beautiful Parks In Germany

The Eifel National Park is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia state. Travelers will love to discover this park for themselves and explore all of its natural beauty! Travelers can take a hike up Mount Drachenfels or even go on a guided tour along one of two hiking trails that wind through meadows and pine forests! This blog post has been written by Erika Taylor on behalf of German Tourism Board (GTB). GTB specializes in marketing for tourism destinations throughout all 16 states in Germany.