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Sorry about the late notice; should have given more notice (See the posts on front page about the radio program)

I will be in the studio with Kelly and Liz Gorman will be on phone from Denver where she moved to get treatment for her daughter (Sanjay Gupta Program). Kevin taped his interview before leaving for Hawaii last Wednesday. The show is podcast and if you know the drill for watching or listening..I believe anyway.

You can go to WFAE webpage for more info on Charlotte Talks. Also, other media will fb, twitter, etc.

Join us..We are over 1600 members now!!!!!!!!!!

I have procrastinated for too long, but, it seems to have paid off. The headline above is exclusive to If you are a member, you should receive a personal letter advising you of this news. If you noticed in the interview of Rep Kelly Alexander, he stated that his next legislation would tackle not only medical cannabis, but the attending damage to society from the laws against this plant.

As most of you know, Paul (the ignorant one) Stam recommended our bill (HB 84) get an unfavorable rating; and his Republican allies responded with the votes to "kill the bill". Unfavorable meant that 'no bills addressing this issue could be brought forth' for the remainder of the long session and includes the short session. The Short Session begins next month, and, for your pleasure, I would like to announce that Rep Alexander plans to introduce a "Constitutional Amendment to Repeal Prohibition in North Carolina". You see, Constitutional Amendments can be introduced "ANYTIME!". Granted, the chances are very, very slim...but it KEEPS HOPE ALIVE...and it gives us a target for now.

Most of you have shared in the growth of NCCPN. We are over 1550 members now as more and more citizens realize that we are not a government name collection site. Many, including our President Tom Harper, are working overtime. You, as a guest or member, are being fed news almost as it happens on the main page forum. Our webmaster donates his time because of the rightness of this issue. His expertise is normally paid for and well worth their money. Thanks for the donation of time from all of you.

If you have followed our intent for next session; it falls in line with Rep. Alexander's efforts. Instead of working alone to pass medical cannabis, NCCPN will work with NORML, SSDP, MPP, DPA and anyone else fighting for Justice in our society. We will do this by presenting a bill to repeal prohibition in NC. We are actively working to support efforts to remove cannabis from the schedule of controlled substances.

This will also nullify the rightly intentioned but wrong effort to pass legislation for 'CBD ONLY CANNBIS'. The plant, God Given, included all parts God intended for it. To deny the advantage and ability of THC in the medical use process is not sound science. At the same time, any legislation moving the availability of the medicine forward is encouraged..

Anyone (should be everyone) who has been following WBTV news knows that they have devoted the entire month to medical cannabis. Their news director, Brad Hyatt, needs to be commended for his efforts to alert WBT to the importance of this issue to all North Carolina Citizens. He is the one who decides where to budget the money for this story and went above and beyond a local station when they sent Molly Grantham to Colorado on the assignment. Broadcast Emmys are made to recognize these efforts and NCCPN hopes to help make this happen.for WBTV. It is well deserved.

Finally, PLEASE join the contributors to the money site if you can possible afford it. You donations are sparingly and rarely spent. Thank you to those who have already donated.


Wow, what a difference a year makes! The crushing rejection of HB 84 and the manner in which it happened with Paul Stam's 'unfavorable recommendation' cannot help but leave a lasting impression; one that, when chewed upon, I hope will energize you. It is somehow representative of the total injustice we, the people of the world, have suffered as a result of ignorance; ie prohibition.  It is OUR TIME.

It is our time because, for the first time, WE are in the majority@ 58%. If you are just finding this site, welcome to a totally new and improved website, one that is capable of producing a victory in our fight for justice if we take the time to learn and utilize it. It is the result of blood, sweat and tears.. money, time and talent..all have survived the ignorance displayed by our politicians and now, we are planning an all out assault on their ignorance.

The North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network was founded by Jean Marlowe with lots of help from many people, including Mark Pedersen of CPN in Denver and a host of others over the past several years. At that time, it was decided that our goal would be to re-establish the right to use cannabis medicinally, at the very least. Not because of the danger from cannabis, but the URGENT medical necessity..(See the Jean Marlowe Story). Legalization was an issue for the future (bible belt future) and we were told: "If NCCPN is a Trojan horse for the legalization movement; you are 'dead on arrival'".

Guess what? We returned to the bill and scrubbed it, even removed NP and PA's from the list of approved "physicians to manage the medical program"; even though we knew it was absurd. Then, for the third time (1380;577), we submitted HB 84....guess what? We were dead on arrival! Not only dead, but stomped on.

Food for thought; the old stuff about united we stand and divided we fall took new meaning. We met with NORML, ASA, and SSDP. Since that meeting, we have decided that a united program does not diminish the medical necessity, it is simply a part of a much more important fight; the fight for social justice.

As a former soldier, I understand very well the meaning of collateral damage. At the same time, I had never considered the collateral damage from the war on drugs.

At the recent DPA Conference in Denver, I was confronted by more informative sessions than hours in the day provided. Sessions by "parents of children who died from overdose; spouses of incarcerated spouses and children, families traumatized from SWAT Team raids, and homeless veterans dying from being force fed pills". Enough is enough. Cannabis for medical purposes is but one symptom of the immoral 'prohibition' imposed by villains posing as government employees. It is time to end it. We hope to present a bill to just that in NC..a bill to simply end prohibition.

I hope that I have made you realize that the only hope we have at NCCPN is YOU. I know many of you think the site is monitored by the authorities..and of course I expect it is. Matter of fact, one of the projects I am beginning is a request under the FOIA is for any files or information the state or feds may have on NCCPN or ME. We plan to pursue this and have been promised legal advise on how to proceed. Harassment is a two way street. We intend to get a response; even if they lie.

Again, we have a great platform now to spread the word. I know that some of you are concerned that you may be on "OUR LIST UP THERE", just remember, if you are, you are on the majority list. We live in a country that espouses majority rule. Problem is, we must make them realize that "we" are the 58% now. Please, it is very uplifting to know that many people are reading these comments. If you wonder about fear, I had a visitor drop by once and he advised me that, about 10 miles before he got to Rockingham, he "took the battery out of his cell phone to keep them from tracking him to my home...AN OUTSPOKEN ADVOCATE."

This is your year. We are planning several events; maybe even a "Constitutional Amendment, which COULD be introduced in the Short Session in April of 2014. Lose the fear and join us at NCCPN. Be bold and speak up when you are with "your tribe". Those who know and trust YOU. Keep the conversation alive.

It can make a difference..stay tuned to the new NCCPN.


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