Legislative Rally for the Medical Cannabis Bill

Educational Forum on Medical Cannabis (i.e., marijuana)
Hosted by Sponsors of HB 78
NC General Assembly, Legislative Office Building Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
March 19th, 2015 from 10 am – 3 pm

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Spoke yesterday with Robert Childs, Ex-Director of the NC Harm Reduction Coalition. NCHRC sponsored the panel debate at UNC Chapel Hill earlier this year.

I had planned to attend Obams's acceptance speech in Charlotte on Thursday and then drive to Atl. but found I will be on a panel that same day, so have changed plans and will leave here Wed  to go to Atlanta.

After speaking with Robert, I think the conf attendance will be far more beneficial to nccpn and our cause. The director of US Harm reduction efforts, along with senior staff from DPA (Jill Harris and others). I will serve on panels both Thurs and Friday. I have 10 minutes along with two others to make the case for medical use of cannabis. My 10 will concentrate on veterans and the effect of legislation has on their treatment. It includes all PATIENTS.

Awesome video posted on the website.."smoking weed with t he president". It is powerful.

Carolina Tom is making incredible efforts at petition drive signatures and nccpn promotion. I was pleased to join them on UNC Charlotte last Tuesday. This Tuesday, if it is not blocked off, I plan to make a presentation at the free speech area in front of the tower.

Membership has passed 900 several days ago. This is probably one of the most lasting impacts we can have on new people..chapter involvement and NCCPN Membership. If we took laptops to the free speech area, we could sign members up ONLINE, ONSITE. Think about it. They can keep connected with the cause, along with post like the video above.

Their should be plenty of coverage of the Conf in Atlanta..you may have to search but at any rate, will post on our site later.


+2 #3 perryp 2012-09-05 11:52
Last minute prep for atlanta. Left Kelly Alexander a message; we need a DATE..

He is trying to schedule the day for maximum benefit in what is scheduled on the official calendar, what times, etc.

He is definitely on board..

Also, the Richmond County Daily Journal ran an AP story about Medical Marihuana inroads into the south. MPP gave over 250,000 to help get the question on the ballot.

Comments to yourdailyjouirn al.com on the article is what keeps them publishing our story. Watch for an article on Saturday..I am providing a picture from Atlanta for their weekend edition on Saturday.

More after I return. If you're a "prayer", pray for me..on friday
#2 forkup 2012-09-04 14:09
+1 Go Perry!!!
#1 perryp 2012-09-02 20:10
sorry for the lack of editing, if you need more explanation, email me perryparks@earthlink.net

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