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Good evening all and thank you for joining in re activating and organizing NCCPN!

As we narrow down active NCCPN chapters and have confirmed contact we will then be able to discern our growth pattern and sources of assistance within the organization. I'm certain there are some waiting to help. We will be changing the website location of organization and contact information up and coming! Looking forward!

For those who may not have heard, Billy Cates, long time member and supporter of nccpn and the cause suffered a fatal heart attack last week. Services were held however the notification process broke down somewhere and most were unaware.

Billy was a loyal member who actively supported nccpn causes for many years. If we held a rally in Raleigh; you could count on Billy being there and dressed appropriately to meet with legislators. Long gone was the Hells Angel look and a soul with the Angel's heart took the war to the legislature in Raleigh. Many times, in all kinds of weather, if we needed someone to attend a rally; Billy was there on a minute's notice.

Because he had family in Hamlet (about 5 miles away), he often came by the waterfall to say hello and to enjoy the medicine. He will be missed but not forgotten. If anyone has photos and knows how to share; it would be nice.

I spoke with Howard (Triangle Chapter) and we have decided that, given the short time before legislature convenes, we need an urgent meeting. We are throwing caution and some planning to the  wind but early January, WE WILL MEET somewhere..Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Charlotte or another (suggest a site) place.

There is much to do..I am meeting with my newly elected Republican state senator on the 22nd of this month. He has knowledge of my fight and I got the invitation yesterday. I will post and hope we can keep tuned. Your comments are vital to our cause. You may post replies to this article by choosing to do so..


As some of you know, I have been absent from the website for several weeks. I would describe it as colleratal damage from the war on drugs; and it has been mentally and physically draining. I have spoken with Tom Harper and he has had problems also. As a result, things got dropped and people responded by dropping out or resigning duties or both. I apologize for the lack of leadership and some of the decisions made. If it were possible, I would chose the "reset to an earlier date" which microsoft offers.

During this time, I missed an opportunity to join Todd and other members of NC Freedom Fighters in their march against fear..especially for the final march into Raleigh. I had every interntion of going but didn't and I hate having missed the opportunity. My pledge to help in anyway I can in the future.

I ofter miscommunicate, as my wife says. Apparently, she is right some times. I hope you, visitors and guests alike will take the lead in doing what we must to get ready for next January. At that time, we expect to have a new District Attorney in Buncombe County (Ben Scales) and a new bill ready.

For those unable to attend the Seminar presented at the Charlotte Sheraton (Airport) this past Sunday, you missed a great event. Another is planned later and I hope you will look for Cannabis Professional University (CPU) in Raleigh when they post the event. Along with the presenters, Rep Kelly Alexander joined us at Lunch time and gave an update on Legislative affairs and the change in attitude of several members lately. He says our chances have improved greatly and given the false promises of the "CBD Oil" bill put forward by Rep McElrath, he believes the talk generated by it will be helpful in the future attempt.

I have spoken to Tom and am assuming President duties until we can have a meeting to see where we go from here. If you have ideas or want to help us make nccpn more revelant (or anyother plans to help the cause), comment below.

There will be a series of meetings around the state if all works out,


Yesterday, the NC Democratic Party held it's annual meeting at the Raleigh Convention Center. There were about 5-600 delegates from all 100 counties, including Lee and Liz Porter and myself. I am pleased to report that a resolution in full support of nccpn's position on Cannabis Law Reform, authored by the Porters, passed without ANY OPPOSITION! There were 4 resolutions in the Criminal Justice and the Courts and the other three were all contested. Things have definitely changed in our direction and I believe we (all parties working to make this happen) can take credit for this transformtion in NC citizens attitudes toward the plant.

The resolution reads:

"NOW; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the NC Democratic Party urge out elected representatives, our candidates, and our platform reflect the will of the people and reform North Carolina and US marijuana and drug laws. First steps should be the immedicate end of prosecution of medical users of marijuana as well as funding and staffing the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission of 2006 to insure this effort moves forward.

AND WE ARE FURTHER RESOLVED to see the passage of federal and state regulation that will regulate cannabis in a workable distribution model, similar to those used to control alcohol. Until such time that cannabis can be a regulated, legal substance in North Carolina, we urge that enforcement of marijuana laws in North Carolina be A lowest law enforcement priority."

When you call your legislator, if they are democrat, ask them to abide by our wishes (I wish it were demand, not ask). The people have spoken, and we are unified in our resolve. Now, do your part and call your legislator and remind them of our priorities.

Thanks to all who work to make this organization "work". We are better organized this year, and we are finally a "part of the process to make this change happen." Look for chances to help, and PILE ON.

If you are so inclined, please join us for the Moral Monday Marches. Rev. Barber has been advised of our mission and he personally told me that he has "veted our cause" and I think we may even be allowed to make our cause heard at these events.


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